We're not allowed to do that...

I just remembered something... what's with me and associate of stores??? Here's another experience with a different associate but this time I was at Lowe's. If you don't know what Lowe's is, it is a big home improvement store or some may call it a hardware store.

The day before Independence Day (on July 3rd), we went at a nearby Lowe's to buy a 9-cube organizer as shown below.

There were a couple but both of the boxes are somewhat damaged. I told my wife that it appears that it's only the box and the all the parts might still be in it. She agreed and I took one and we paid for it and head back home.

The next day, July 4th, at about 3pm I decided to assemble the organizer. I said to myself that it wouldn't take a while and I would still be able to take the kids to see the fireworks near our place. I then opened the box and I found out that there was water damage on the parts. I told my wife that I'll take it back to Lowe's since they are open until 5pm.

I arrived at Lowe's about 4pm and was able to return the water-damaged organizer. I knew that there was another one in a similar condition and I'm guessing that it also had a water damage. I took my chance and went back to the Storage/Closet organization area. I saw the other one with the damaged box but while looking around I found another one but it is way high up on the shelf (probably around 18 to 20 feet high).

I also knew that Lowe's will be closing at 5pm so I had to look for an associate to ask for help. I found a couple of guys with their apron(?) on and asked for help and told them that the product I was looking for was on the top shelf. One of the guys told me that they're not from that area and they're not allowed to take things from the shelves. He also said to look for someone in that area and he will be able to assist.

I looked for another 5 minutes and found somebody and told him that I need help to get that organizer. He said that he also don't work for that area but he'll call somebody for help. I saw him use his handheld phone/walkie-talkie and called for help.

I waited for another 15 minutes but nobody was coming. I then saw the guy who called for help and he said that the person is coming in a couple of minutes. After about 5 minutes, I saw somebody coming. I told him that I need the organizer on the top shelf. He looked at the lower shelf and saw the one with the damaged box and told me that I could take that. I told him that I just returned one in a similar condition because it had water damage. He then said that to give him a minute and he'll get a ladder.

He went back to another aisle and he saw the 1st associate that I originally talked to. He asked the guy what he was doing and told him to come with him. He then told the associate that this customer (me) wants that organizer and he should get a ladder to get the product.

The associate then looked for a ladder and then climbed up and got the organizer. I almost blurted out a loud laugh but I was able to contain myself. The associate was not able to look at me straight and he just walked away after putting the organizer on my cart.

I guess he was trying to let the time pass because it was almost time to go. I should have asked him, I thought you're not allowed to do that....

I'll Shoe You!!!

My wife and I are frequent shoppers at Kohl's and we've been shopping there for years. We have one near us and it's about 5 miles away. One time, we went to a different Kohl's store about 10 miles farther to buy running shoes for her. She plans to use it to walk around the neighborhood during the summer.

She said that she doesn't need an expensive one so she asked me look for a cheap running shoes. I was able to find an Asics running shoes on sale for $29.99 and called her to ask her to try it out. Then before she can go near me, she found a much cheaper one for $15.99 also an Asics brand.

She tried looking for her size but there were only a few boxes. An associate saw us looking at the boxes and he asked for the shoe size that we're looking for. He had the size and gave it to my wife. My wife tried it out and said, "This is ok, I'll get this one!"

We continued to look around the store and probably stayed for another 30 minutes. We decided to pay for our items and waited in line at the cashier. When it was our turn, the shoe was scanned and we we're surprised that the price is coming up higher (maybe around $64.99). We told the lady cashier that the price we saw is only $15.99 and she called for a shoes associate to look it up.

The shoes associate was taking a while so I went to the shoes area and took this photo of the price thinking that I'll just show it to the cashier.

I saw the shoes associate before I was able to head back to the cashier and he said that there was a mistake on the price and we're ok.

Back at the cashier, the shoes associate told the lady cashier that it was $15.99 and that they made a mistake. So she scanned it again twice and my wife and I didn't know what she was doing. I asked her if she removed the original one that she scanned earlier. She raised her voice at me and said "I scanned it so I can remove it!". She even said it twice with her raised voice.

I don't know what pissed her off but it was basically their fault that they made a price mistake. The lady did NOT even apologize that they made a mistake. She should have said "we're sorry me made a mistake but we'll honor the price." Nope, she didn't say that but instead she gave us that look that we tricked her.

So when my wife and I went back to the car, we talked about what happened. She told me that while I was away, the lady cashier told her "I bet you knew that there was a mistake on the price". My wife said that she didn't know but the lady cashier insisted on it. When I heard this, I told my wife that if I heard the lady cashier on the spot, I should have taken all the shoes and bought it all for $15.99 each and I'll just sell it on eBay.

I told my wife to call up the store, ask for the manager and file a complaint. She did and manager asked for what does she look like. Luckily, I was able to see her name tag and her name was Virma. After the call, my wife told me that the cashier was trying to hide her name tag when she was scanning our items.

I feel sorry for Kohl's to have hired an employee like her. I don't know what she was thinking why she would have acted up. Does she own the store and will lose a lot of money from that mistake? I guess not! Maybe she's having a bad day or something else. We wouldn't know and don't care.

If I remember correctly, Kohl's has a "Yes we can!" policy and the lady cashier should have just honored the price and let it go. The lady cashier probably slept during the customer service training. We have not gone back to that store yet, we don't know if she's still working there or not.


No Tip For You?

One Friday, about a month ago, my buddy and I decided to have lunch at our favorite restaurant (a Nearly World Famous Chicken Wings joint) since the cafeteria food does not look that good. Once there, both of us ordered the usual 10 wings and an adult beverage and the waitress got our orders right this time.

After finishing our lunch, we asked for our bill and we were surprised that they had a lunch special: 2 - 10 wings for only 12 bucks. The total bill is only 19 bucks and change. Each of us only has a 20 dollar bill so we decided to give both 20 bills to the waitress. We've assumed that she would break one of the 20 dollar bills so we can split the change and leave a tip.

It took a while for her to come back but when she get back at us, she gave us a few coins and one of the 20 dollar bills and stepped away. My buddy was surprised and said that she probably does not want a tip. We called her back and asked her to break the other 20 dollar bill. After a few minutes, we got back our change and left her a tip.

It's just funny that we had a second incident at the same restaurant. I guess a Harry and Lloyd do exist at that place.


All for one, one for all

This was just in. I was chatting with my former co-worker and I told him stories about Harry and Lloyd. Never to be outdone, he mentioned that they have a different set of guys on their group and they call them the "dumb-arse-keteers" ~ a wild and dumb version of the musketeers.

Originally, he said that there are 3 members of the "dumb-arse-keteers" namely:

But since then, he said that the 4th member showed up:

All together, they form the much acclaimed "dumb-arse-keteers".

I just can't wait to hear more about their adventures. :)



You know how you get tired at work sometimes? Well how about sleeping in a conference room IN FRONT OF YOUR NEW BOSS as he is introducing himself and the work that he does! Yes indeed, the Lloyd at our office did JUST that. Sound asleep, his head fell forward and everything. How's that for a "nice to meet you"?


Resignation Letter

We received this contribution from one reader.

A Harry submitted his resignation letter stating that it's "effective immediately". The office manager informed everyone that Harry left the company and is moving on. The following day, everyone in the office was surprised to see Harry back at the office. Nobody cared to ask what he's doing at the office even the office manager. They were surprised to see him doing his regular tasks at work. Surprisingly, he stayed working at the office for another two weeks.

His co-workers are still wondering up to now if he knows what he meant by "effective immediately" on his resignation letter.


Static Electricity

One day I was getting shocked left and right in the office. I jokingly yelped one time and said "ouch I keep getting shocked!!!". The "Lloyd" I work with replied, "well that's because you're wearing artificial fibers." What?? Who doesn't? I guess she makes her own clothes once she's done spinning her cotton....If it wasn't said in such a serious manner, I would have laughed it off, but my Lloyd was definitely serious!