We're not allowed to do that...

I just remembered something... what's with me and associate of stores??? Here's another experience with a different associate but this time I was at Lowe's. If you don't know what Lowe's is, it is a big home improvement store or some may call it a hardware store.

The day before Independence Day (on July 3rd), we went at a nearby Lowe's to buy a 9-cube organizer as shown below.

There were a couple but both of the boxes are somewhat damaged. I told my wife that it appears that it's only the box and the all the parts might still be in it. She agreed and I took one and we paid for it and head back home.

The next day, July 4th, at about 3pm I decided to assemble the organizer. I said to myself that it wouldn't take a while and I would still be able to take the kids to see the fireworks near our place. I then opened the box and I found out that there was water damage on the parts. I told my wife that I'll take it back to Lowe's since they are open until 5pm.

I arrived at Lowe's about 4pm and was able to return the water-damaged organizer. I knew that there was another one in a similar condition and I'm guessing that it also had a water damage. I took my chance and went back to the Storage/Closet organization area. I saw the other one with the damaged box but while looking around I found another one but it is way high up on the shelf (probably around 18 to 20 feet high).

I also knew that Lowe's will be closing at 5pm so I had to look for an associate to ask for help. I found a couple of guys with their apron(?) on and asked for help and told them that the product I was looking for was on the top shelf. One of the guys told me that they're not from that area and they're not allowed to take things from the shelves. He also said to look for someone in that area and he will be able to assist.

I looked for another 5 minutes and found somebody and told him that I need help to get that organizer. He said that he also don't work for that area but he'll call somebody for help. I saw him use his handheld phone/walkie-talkie and called for help.

I waited for another 15 minutes but nobody was coming. I then saw the guy who called for help and he said that the person is coming in a couple of minutes. After about 5 minutes, I saw somebody coming. I told him that I need the organizer on the top shelf. He looked at the lower shelf and saw the one with the damaged box and told me that I could take that. I told him that I just returned one in a similar condition because it had water damage. He then said that to give him a minute and he'll get a ladder.

He went back to another aisle and he saw the 1st associate that I originally talked to. He asked the guy what he was doing and told him to come with him. He then told the associate that this customer (me) wants that organizer and he should get a ladder to get the product.

The associate then looked for a ladder and then climbed up and got the organizer. I almost blurted out a loud laugh but I was able to contain myself. The associate was not able to look at me straight and he just walked away after putting the organizer on my cart.

I guess he was trying to let the time pass because it was almost time to go. I should have asked him, I thought you're not allowed to do that....

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